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২০১৩ সালের দাখিল পরীক্ষার ফলাফলে ঢাকার উত্তরাস্থ তানযীমুল উম্মাহ ক্যাডেট মাদরাসা সারাদেশের মধ্যে

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1.1st place in Dakhil exam 2010 under th

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Welcome to Tanjimul Ummah Foundation

“You are the best nation, you have been created for the welfare of humankind”-[Sura Ale Imran-110].
Tanjimul Ummah Foundation is a non-profitable and non-political organization approved by the government of the people’s republic of Bangladesh; which has been working as an education mission since 1999. To make a large number of promising human resources of Bangladesh well-educated, to modernize neglected madrasah education, to build up an ideal human being, to run the project to remove unemployment, to take special activities to build up the nation, to serve the distressed mankind, to run research activities,   to foster and develop the Islamic culture, to have reflective publications to spread well-education, to preach and spread the teachings of the Quran including various activities are led by Tanjimul Ummah Foundation. This organization is proceeding with its realistic and particular plans. Some practical steps of those plans are mentioned below:

Educational Institute
Allah (SWT) has said, “Say: Are they equal who know and who don’t know?”-[Surah Zumar-09]It is not possible to take a nation to the peak of development without education. An educated nation means a developed nation. Modern educational institute is a pre-requisite for proper education. With this aim Tanjimul Ummah Foundation has established Tanjimul Ummah Cadet Ma

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